Organized on September 7, 1961, the Marengo County Historical Society is a membership-based organization. In 1967, as Demopolis prepared for its Sesquicentennial celebration, Articles of Incorporation were drawn up permitting the Marengo County Historical Society to operate as a non-profit organization.

Also in 1967, the Society acquired its first property, Bluff Hall, c.1832. In 1993, Laird Cottage was bequethed to the Historical Society, followed by Lyon Hall in 1997.

The Society’s mission is to gather, collect, preserve, study and publicize both the facts and artifacts of the history of Marengo County. Continual growth in the appreciation of, and the support for, the historic heritage of Marengo County is the ultimate goal. The Society shares the rich heritage of Demopolis, Marengo County and this area of the Black Belt through tourism.